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Welcome to AJWRB. The web site started in 1997 as the work of one dissident Jehovah’s Witnesses elder who was deeply troubled by the Watchtower Society’s policy on the use of blood and blood products. The original web site was called “New Light on Blood”. In short order, elders and HLC (Hospital Liaison Committee members) from around the world began working together to better educate both Jehovah’s Witnesses and their physicians regarding the irrational aspects of the Watchtower Society’s blood policy.

In 1998 The Associated Jehovah’s Witnesses for Reform on Blood (AJWRB) was formed with the goal of helping Jehovah’s Witnesses make informed choices about their medical treatment and to promote reform. AJWRB is a diverse group of individuals including current and former members (Elders and Hospital Liaison Committee members – HLC), non-believing family members, medical professionals, legal professionals, child advocates and interested members of the public. We are supported by individuals who believe in informed consent and free choice for Jehovah’s Witnesses and oppose the current repressive policy that is enforced through coercion and shunning.

Please note the AJWRB website is being updated and expanded so that we can offer a broad selection of articles from older versions, as well as new and updated posts, pages and expanded features. Thank you for your patience during this time.
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