1445016_72287377In this section, we will attempt to document some of the relevant historical information that is available regarding blood. Then we will look at the modern historical developments regarding the Watchtower Society’s blood policies. Finally, we will look at the evolution of the blood doctrine into its present form.




The following articles may also be relevant for those interested in historical developments related to the Watchtower’s blood policy.


Albumin – Watchtower Quotes

What follows is a collection of quotes from Watchtower Society literature on the subject of albumin. Watchtower writers and representatives are fond of saying that they have "commented consistently" on albumin and other blood fractions. Their published statements...

Jan. 27, 1997 Letter to Dan Sydlik

The following letter was sent to a member of the governing body in 1997 prior to the publishing of any information by AJWRB in the hope that it could be avoided. There was no response and the web site "New Light on Blood" came online the following month. January 27,...

Control and Repression – The Ray Hemming Story

Control and Repression – The Ray Hemming Story

If there’s one thing that people identify Jehovah's Witnesses with, it’s their refusal of blood transfusions. I know it was a doctrine that I once believed was right for me and my family. If a medical emergency had arisen, a blood transfusion would not have been an...

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