800px-Oncology_doctor_consults_with_patientA significant effort is underway to reform the blood doctrine. This involves informing and educating all of Jehovah’s Witnesses as to the facts about blood. Much of this is being accomplished through the medical community.

If you are a reform minded Jehovah’s Witness you may be asking yourself…..what can I do?

Likely you have no desire to have a blood transfusion, and neither do we. The question is should we as an organization be making that decision for others? To a growing number of Witnesses, the answer is no.

Is it possible that the Society could further reform or reverse its position on this issue sooner rather than later? Yes, we believe that it is possible. What can you do to help? We suggest that you write to your friends and family members who are Witnesses. You can send your letter anonymously, and if you live in an area with few Witnesses, you should consider mailing the letter from an adjacent town or state. The article that serves as an introduction to this site could be printed out and mailed to these individuals, along with any of your thoughts and comments. The list of questions has also proved very helpful, and could be included. A letter written by H.L.C. members can be printed out, as can stories and experiences.

What else can be done? You could write to the society anonymously, including specific brothers: elders, circuit overseers, district overseers, friends at Bethel, individual members of the Governing Body.

If you have the resources, you could take out ads in magazines or newspapers using the basic information from this site as a guide. You could list the Internet address of this site: www.ajwrb.org and encourage Witnesses to visit it. Flyers could be printed and left under the windshield wipers of Witnesses cars at Kingdom Halls, assemblies, and conventions.

The word is getting out. Many Witnesses have access to the Web, and it’s a trend that will continue. Even simply encouraging others to try surfing the web will likely lead many to the truth about blood. It’s true, many Witnesses are not on the web. We will need the assistance of those that are if we are to reach them. The lives of these ones may well depend on the willingness of individuals like yourself to get involved, and make a difference.

Shouldn’t we wait on the society?

Many individual elders and H.L.C. members, as well as AJWRB have attempted to bring these facts to the attention of responsible brothers, and indeed some reforms have occurred over the last few decades. Unfortunately, to speak out directly on this issue may prove very costly. Currently a repressive atmosphere exists in the organization. To disagree with the stated doctrinal positions of the society can and already has led to brothers and sisters being disfellowshipped. However, lives are being lost nearly every day. It would be unloving to sit back and do nothing or reason that Jehovah can resurrect those who perish.

What about contributing to the society?

Most of us find that we can no longer financially support the Watchtower society. Their blood doctrine is hopelessly inconsistent, and without solid foundation in the scriptures. We certainly respect the right of individual Christians to act on their conscience, but for the society to disfellowship those who can in good conscience accept the medical use of blood to save life is morally objectionable.

Is it reasonable for the WTS to force the hand of Witnesses in life and death situations, especially when minor children are involved? From the mail that we receive, we have been able to observe that the vast majority of Christians, even current Jehovah’s Witnesses, strongly object to the society’s blood doctrine once they have been given all of the evidence and had time to review it.

may26-94-awBy not providing complete information and requiring compliance with this erroneous policy, the governing body have likely implicated themselves in the deaths of hundreds, or more likely thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is difficult to see how a Witness could support the continuation of the WTS blood policy since it regularly leads misinformed Christian parents into refusing potentially life saving medical care for their children.

We encourage you to examine the issues carefully and act on your conscience. The key to reform is educating the brothers and sisters. Please help your friends and loved ones to learn the truth about blood, and avert tragedy in their lives.

If you would like to contribute towards our work. That would be very much appreciated. We are volunteers, so all contributions go directly into advancing our educational activities. You might consider writing anonymously to the Watchtower Society and tell them that you have stopped providing financial support because of this policy, and will be happy to resume contributing when they fix this broken policy.

 “Pray as though everything is up to God. Work as though everything is up to you.”

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