2013-convention-thumb-300x300If you have been a Jehovah’s Witness for any period of time, you probably have many friends and family members who are also Witnesses and likely feel some sense of obligation towards these individuals, since you now possess information that is potentially lifesaving.

How can you go about reaching these persons? If the relationship is close enough, you may be able to speak with them directly. This is the most effective way. You might begin by asking them if they understand the changes made to the blood policy over the years, or by using some of the specific questions AJWRB members have posed. You could say that you are troubled by the thought of children dying over something when there are so many contradictions and unanswered questions.

Another option is for you to anonymously send information to your friends and relatives. The article “Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Abstain From Blood?” can be downloaded and mailed to friends and relatives, along with the “Questions for those who Accept the Society’s Position.” If you do not feel safe sending this material to your friends and family members, we suggest mailing it to them from another zip code or city.

You may personally feel powerless to reform the Watchtower Society. But you can make a big difference in the lives of individuals. No one else need die senselessly, but individuals like you must be willing to reach out and be heard – you can make a difference. Support for this wretched policy is drying up among Jehovah’s Witnesses and they cannot disfellowship all of us.

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